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Kindergartener [pre-order]

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Rainbow no. 36 | A curious playful rainbow. These beams of joy most love making pom pom garlands or stomping through crunchy fall leaves.

Materials: wood, embroidery thread, and sterling silver hardware metal

Size: Rainbow height approximately 4.8 cm

🗓️ Timing

 This offering is made to order. Allow 1 - 4 weeks for this item to be made and shipped.

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✨ Pay what's right for you

I deeply love humans doing creative acts that require seemingly obsessive amounts of time, that use materials mindfully, and make values-aligned choices along the way--and I believe in financially supporting those humans at a level that enables the real amount of love and energy they are showing up with. At the same time, I also believe that art and adornment should be accessible to all, and it’s very clear that we live in a world where colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism make a few people wealthy at the expense of everyone else and the earth. So, in a teeny tiny attempt to narrow the gap, shall we try a little pay-what’s-right-for-you experiment?

If paying the full price of these whimsies would cause you to be less secure in your ability to meet your basic food, health, housing, or essential transport needs, I invite you to use one of the magic codes below. No questions asked--you are the only person that can choose the price point that best reflects your ability to pay, based on your individual context. Here are three wonderful and acceptable ways to pay:

Pay $80 | Thank you for supporting the time and resources needed to steward this creative energy and make values-aligned choices along the way for our earth and community. This enables the longevity of this little studio, and actively votes for a world where artists exist who can run experiments like this.

Pay $70 | Thank you for believing in the abundance of our community and futures. Use discount code “MOREDREAMING” at checkout.

Pay $60 | Thank you for believing in a world where we can be held and supported by our community. Use discount code “MORELOVE” at checkout.

Feeling confused about what feels right for you? Read more here.