Snow flurry - Make More Whimsy
Snow flurry - Make More Whimsy
Snow flurry - Make More Whimsy
Snow flurry - Make More Whimsy
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Snow flurry

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Wilson Alwyn Bentley, a teenage citizen scientist from my Vermont hometown, captured the first photomicrograph of a snowflake in 1885. Over his life, he photographed 5,381 snow crystals and declared, " one design was ever repeated." May these crystals, inspired by his photography, let you carry a piece of whimsy, wonder, and world-transforming-power so that any day can have a little more snow day magic. Learn more about Wilson Alwyn Bentley here.

These are designed to be a mismatched set--this is just 1 snow crystal so make sure to add 2 snow crystals to your cart!

Materials: etched bronze with gold-filled earwiresthe bronze will acquire a natural patina over time

Size: height approximately X cm, weight approximately 43 grams

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