September 6, 2021

Happy new moon and welcome to this big-hearted, giddy experiment! I’ve been dreaming about divesting from the instagram algorithm, but I'm still not quite sure what that might look like... so for now, maybe I'll just sync up with the moon cycle instead and play around to see what community connection might be possible in this newsletter format. I left comments on so I would love to hear what you think dear friend who is reading this! 👀

But let's jump into it already! Over the past bit, I've been gathering a whole notebook of wild new design ideas (that I can't wait to coax into existence and share with you!), but I decided to make a (sort of) new collection that is an outgrowth of my previous work--it’s all rainbows! Same fun color combos, but the new designs are a little less fiddle-y to make. That's largely thanks to a new friend and coworker named "Laser cutter #1" who lives at my local maker space. 🤣 As a team, we have had our ups and downs, but we've had only one tiny fire so far--phew!🔥 

As I was getting deep into rainbow making, I also sat down and learned a ton about the geometry and atmospheric optics behind rainbow magic, and I have to say that there is a lot about rainbows that kindergarten didn't cover and some of it is even hard for me to wrap me head around as an adult. For example, did you know that rainbows are actually whole circles? Not just arcs? Whattttttt. 🤯 I actually decided to compile what I learned into a little zine because I couldn't keep all these hot rainbow facts to myself. When you get rainbows from me, you also get the zine (or you can download it for free here!) 🌈

So basically I'm (still) really feeling jazzed about rainbows and I hope you are too! I put some photos below, but I hope you can take a look around at everything in the shop too. I also am excited to say that, just like before, all offerings are available on a sliding scale. The way that works is that everything you see on the website is listed as the highest price and then you can add the magic discount code to pay a different amount that feels right for you. 🎉 And if you are kinda curious or confused about all that, feel free to check out this document that has a lot of information about me as well as a whole section on "pricing" that you can jump to and read all about. 🤓

To sum things up, I thought it might be fun to do a little fill-in-the-blank about how my creative practice went this past month or so. So, here it goes! I felt inspired by... [a paper mache workshop I took with Kim Baise]. I felt grateful to... [Erik at Generator for fielding all my (often silly) laser cutting questions]. I learned... [a lot about the fashion industry through the Slow Factory]. I found myself moving towards... [trust in myself] and acting from a place of... [intuition]. 

Anywho, thanks for being here with me! If you have friends who might like this, please share with them! Oh! And!! The GIVEAWAY!! The winner is... Terri! I'll reach out to you so you can pick the rainbows you want!

With love,



Whimsy in the Wild

Nothing makes my heart pitter patter more than to see whimsies out there going on adventures with you beautiful humans--so share your pics with me if you feel moved 😊

This is Natalie from California and the photo was snapped by @ashleybatz. (Side note: Natalie is super gifted and magical and I'm so grateful our paths crossed!)

Whimsy Worship

I’m a collector and researcher at heart--I love sorting through heaps of information to find shapes and patterns. I also love amplifying the work of those I admire. So, I thought it would be fun to highlight the work of some of the creative humans who light up my whimsical longings. This month’s theme is FUNGI.🍄

rings - @teethjewelry

ring - @foxand.thefawn

crop top - nooworks

dress - copper union

tee shirt - new duds (local)

art print - @holapumpum

art print - @kylie_dally (local)

art print - @mollyccostello 

mirror - @murava_ceramics 

embroidery - @moonflesh 

mug - @re.seed 

mug - @renee_lopresti

mushroom chocolate - @alkameco (local)

foraging - @blackforager 

photography & mushroom walks - @megmaddendesign (local)

mushroom crochet tutorial - Twinkie Chan with Jenny Lemons

What should the next theme be? Let me know what you think :)

Big earring energy

I'm in love with these earrings made by Lisa at Small Talk. 🙌

What I'm reading

Just finished reading The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Fletch Free LibraryPheonix Books | Bookshop

Shops & markets

Here is where you can find little whimsies out in the real world:

Kylee's Boutique | Burlington, VT


About Make More Whimsy

I’m Amy Leigh (she/her)! My delight in messy creative acts started young in the mountains of Vermont with a bedroom floor covered in a wilderness of beads and thread. Today, I dream up swirls of color, pattern, and texture to make whimsies for your ears and your home that support your resilience, softness, joy, and imagination.

All pieces are handmade slowly and lovingly in small batches in my home studio in so called Burlington, Vermont--known to be occupied homelands of the Abenaki Nation (pronounced ah-ben-uh-kee).

As we get to know each other, I want to name some boundaries, disclose privileges granted to me, share my learning lineage, invite you to explore my stewardship aspirations, provide some guidance about my pricing, and give transparency around the materials I use.


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